Graphite Lock Lubricating Powder

Graphite powder

Graphite Lock Lubricating Powder

  • Microfine, greaseless and odourless lubricating powder
  • 50g Puffer Dispenser


  • Description


Graphite Lock Lubricating Powder – 50g Puffer Dispenser

Microfine, greaseless and odourless lubricating powder.

  • Especially suitable for garage door locks, car door locks and outside padlocks as being a dry naturally occurring compound it cannot freeze
  • Use it regularly to keep all locks, hinges and bolts lubricated and working smoothly
  • Guards against sticking and dirt build up which if oil was used instead would cause a problem
  • Prevents lock outs, wear, sticking and corrosion
  • Easy to use puffer dispenser with pointed probe to reach into the smallest of locks with good accuracy and minimal if any waste
  • Sealing cap ensures that the contents remain in the bottle and not all over your tools
  • Only available in 50g dispensers
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