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Weather Defender rubber floor seal

The Weather Defender has been designed to form an excellent seal between the garage door and the floor. The floor seal will prevent unwanted water seeping in under the gap of your garage door. The Weather Defender floor seal will prevent, rain, snow, leaves, dust and dirt being pushed under your garage door by the wind!

Weather Defender is a versatile Garage Door Floor Seal that can be fitted to Up and Over, Sectional, Roller (Shutter) and Side Hinged Garage Doors, whether they be Manual or Automatic.

Weather Defender Original is 87mm wide x 16.7mm and is available in 11 different lengths to fit all opening sizes. Also available as a 30m length suitable for trade (does not include adhesive). All of the Original Weather Defender garage door floor seal kits come with the adhesive(s) included. Suitable for domestic and commercial application.

The NEW Weather Defender XL is 129mm wide x 27mm high and is available as ‘cut to size’ to suit any opening size. The Weather Defender XL is not sold as a kit so the adhesive is not included and must be purchased separately. In addition to domestic and commercial application, Weather Defender XL is suitable also suitable for industrial application and fits wider door profiles.

Designed and made exclusively in the United Kingdom.

Our garage door floor seal fitting instructions provides details for installing the floor seal with each type of garage doors.