Garador Spring Box Units

Garador Spring Box Units

Garador Mk3C C-Type spring box units were discontinued as a spare part by Garador in 2002, however thanks to the enterprising efforts of one of our suppliers, we are still able to supply “Pattern” units for all garage doors that were fitted with these units.

These pattern units have been carefully modelled from the original units and are available in all the sizes previously offered by Garador. Careful attention to detail means our pattern boxes normally locate exactly in line with the fixing points of the original box, helping towards a hassle free installation.

Additional Information:

Mk3C / C-Type garage doors manufactured up to 1999, can be identified by the spring box unit mounted above the garage door which contains two springs connected to cables which run over pulley wheels at the top corners of the garage door frame and within the side tracks, down to the roller spindles which are mounted on the garage door panel around a third up from the bottom of the garage door. The unit should have a label attached with a part number such as PN108 on it, this is the number you will need to order a pattern replacement.

More recent Mk3C and C-Type garage doors have a spring box unit WITH a plastic cover whereas very early Mk3C garage doors had a spring box unit WITHOUT a plastic cover. The early Mk3C spring box units should be replaced in their entirety as changing the springs is both difficult and quite dangerous.

Garador Mk3C / C-Type canopy garage doors fitted with spring box units were discontinued in 1999 in favour of a new C-Type gear with side extension springs.


If there is no label in existence please view or download our spring box unit compatibility chart