Garage Door Openers – Garador


Opening your garage door from your car is not only easy, it’s safe too. At the touch of a button, the automatic garage door operator opens the garage door and lights the garage interior. You drive into the garage and the garage door can then be closed behind you. All without leaving the safety and comfort of your car. All Garador garage door openers come as standard with two hand transmitters.

Selection of the correct model – The range comprises four models each with three different applications, please establish your door type before ordering or call us for advice.

Additional safety and security – Hand transmitters select a code from more than 1 billion possibilities.

Options – Other options available include a range of hand transmitters as well as switches, wall consoles and push buttons.

Garage Door Security Device – To prevent your garage door from being forced open, all our garage door openers feature a security device which engages in the mechanism’s boom on closing. This security device remains fully functional even during a power failure.

No Trap Risk If obstructed, the automatic cut-out halts the closing garage door and automatically raises it about 30cms. This safety mechanism is self-adjusting and self-testing.

Universal Fitting – All Garador Up & Over and Sectional garage doors are compatible with the earlier Auto Expert and current GaraMatic garage door openers.