Handsets – Chamberlain Liftmaster

Liftmaster Handset

Chamberlain Liftmaster have marketed a number of different garage door openers over the years. Early Chamberlain garage door openers used Alltronik radio controls which are no longer available, but replacement garage door remotes, or suitable replacements, are stocked for most garage door openers sold since about 1987.

Prior to Chamberlain Liftmaster entering the UK market in the late eighties a Taiwanese manufacturer produced two openers marketed under the Liftmaster name, the Liftmaster 2500 and the Liftmaster 4500 and both used 49MHz radio controls similar in appearance to the APR9500 40MHz handset found in the Apex Remote Controls section, however these are no longer available. Later models of the Taiwanese Liftmaster opener, the 1500 and 3500 had external Intercontinental Dynamics or Multicode (Multi-Elmac) radio controls which are no longer available but can be replaced with a Remocon radio control kit – see below.

Those that are still available cover the 27MHz, 418MHz and 433MHz frequency bands – to clearly identify your handset, download a datasheet before ordering or call us for advice.

If your particular garage door remotes cannot be found amongst the listings below, do not worry, our Universal Receiver Kit offer an easy to fit economical upgrade to the latest mini keyfob handsets and technology.