Handsets – Garage Door Remotes To Suit Henderson

Remotes To Suit Henderson

There have been several changes to radio frequencies that are used for the remote controls to suit Henderson garage door openers over the years, and on early models a variety of non-Henderson controls will be found due to the openers being sold without radio control sets to some companies who favoured a different brand of controls.

Keyfob and standard sized remote controls to suit Henderson or Sommer; – Marathon, Duo, Sprint & Aperto garage door openers:

  • To suit Henderson or Sommer – Marathon, Sprint & Duo openers manufactured before July 2001 use 40.685MHz handsets.
  • To suit Henderson or Sommer – Aperto models manufactured before March 2002 use 40.685MHz handsets.
  • To suit Henderson or Sommer – Openers manufactured after these dates use the current 868.3MHz frequency.

Identification is easy – The part number can be found on the back of the handset and the frequency can be confirmed by the label on the receiver unit or on the opener. Old and new frequencies are not compatible with each other so correct identification is critical. 

The garage door openers fitted with 173.3MHz, Alltronik 27MHz or non-Henderson controls can no longer be supplied (see below). If your particular handset cannot be found amongst the listings below, do not worry, our Universal Receiver Kit offer an easy to fit economical upgrade to the latest mini keyfob handsets and technology.