Handsets – Multicode

Multicode Handsets

Multicode radio controls have been sold over the years using a number of different frequencies. Early garage door openers imported from the USA were often fitted with the now-unapproved 300MHz frequency radio controls and should now be replaced with an up to date approved frequency control set such as those in our Universal Receiver Kit range.

Later, Marley the concrete garage manufacturer sold a screw drive garage door opener under the Marley Autodor brand and some early models were fitted with Multicode 173.3MHz radio controls. Cardale the well-known garage door manufacturer marketed the popular Stanley 3800 chain drive garage door opener which was also fitted with the same controls. Latterly, 40.685MHz Multicode radio controls were used on Stanley, Swift Challenger, John Carr, Cardale Euro1 and Cardale Euro2 garage door openers.

These Multicode garage door remotes for garage door openers contain dipswitches.