Blue TX1 Keyfob Handset AZAT0001

Seav Thermaglide garage door remote

Blue TX1 Keyfob Handset AZAT0001

  • Frequency 433MHz
  • One button
  • 10 dipswitches
  • Suits white wall control box
  • Blue TX1 Keyfob

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  • Description
  • Operator identification
  • Handset identification


Blue 433MHz TX1 Keyfob Handset AZAT0001 (2001 to 2004)

Spare or replacement key fob remote control for Thermaglide operator

Cardale code: AZAT 0001

Operator identification:- White wall control box

Manufactured 2001 to Jan 2004

Radio frequency:- 433 MHz

Security coding:- Static code handset with 10 mini switches to provide personal code. Programmed electronically into receiver box

Handset identification:- Single button (Blue) in translucent blue casing. SEAV "Be Happy" on reverse of casing. Replaces Black rectangular handset

Supplied complete with Cr2032 battery


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