Hormann SupraMatic HT Series 3 Head Only

Hormann Supramatic garage door opener

Hormann SupraMatic HT Series 3 Head Only

  • High-speed opening –  – Up to 50 % faster opening speed
  • Garage door operator for industrial use
  • Ideal for collective and underground garages
  • Easy-to-use programming
  • High security

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Garage Door Operator – SupraMatic HT Series 3 – (Head Only)

With SupraMatic HT, Hörmann provides an operator system that is perfectly matched to collective garage doors. Suited to a maximum of 100 parking spaces, the operator is recommended for collective garages in tenement blocks, hotels and office buildings.

  • Soft start and soft stop for quiet and gentle door travel
  • Pull and push force 1000N, brief peak force 1200N
  • Patented door locking in the operator boom with emergency release from inside
  • With integrated control electronics including double 7-segment display for simple adjustment of operator functions directly on the operator
  • Optional external control 360 for connecting traffic control, warning lights or additional prints

Garage door operator for industrial use! For dry areas only.

Product Description:

Door cycles (Open / Close) Per day / per hour 150 / 20
Doors with wicket door / timber doors Yes 1) / Yes
Max. door width 7000mm 2) 4)
Max. door leaf surface 17.25m²

Operator Details:

Motor 24 V DC gear drive
Mains voltage 230 V - 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power input 0.2 kW
Pull and push force 1000 N
Peak force 1200 N
Door travel speed 3) max. 22 cm/s 3)
Standby < 1 watt
Housing Aluminium and plastic, galvanized steel base plate
Temperature range -20°C to +60°C
Protection category Only for dry rooms

Control Electronics:

Display Double 7-segment display
Impulse control Yes
Adjustable power limit Yes
Adjustable soft start and soft stop Yes
Adjustable operator light / partial opening / ventilation position No / Yes
Adjustable automatic timer 30 - 180 sec.
Adjustable automatic timer partial opening Yes
Adjustable / pre-set operator light Yes
High speed opening function Yes


Hand transmitter 868MHz 5-button hand transmitter HS 5 BS & 4-button HSE 4 BSc
Black textured surface
Integrated receiver 868MHz Bi-directional receiver ESE
Connection for photocell / closing edge safety device Yes
Connection of external control elements Yes
Connection for emergency battery Yes
Quick release operated from the inside Yes
Connecting lead with British 13amp 3-PIN plug Yes
Anti-lift kit for break-in resistance Yes
Universal installation bracket for up-and-over doors and sectional doors Yes

Supplied with full instructions in English.

Operator boom FS 60 (at additional cost):

  • Self-supporting steel boom with polyester/polyamide toothed belt
  • Maintenance-free toothed belt
  • Plastic slide carriage and automatic belt tensioner
  • 1-piece, completely pre-assembled

Note: Installation of photocell is required if automatic timer is activated or impulse control without view of the door.

1) Leading photocell required for doors with wicket door
2) >5500mm only in conjunction with FS 60 and fitting bracket
3) Depending on door type, door leaf weight and door size
4) The use of a fitting bracket is required

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