Later Style Keyfob Handset AZAR2003

Steeline garage door remote

Later Style Keyfob Handset AZAR2003

  • Frequency 418MHz
  • One button


  • Description
  • Operator identification
  • Handset identification


Later Style 418MHz Keyfob Handset AZAR2003

Spare or replacement key fob remote control for Steel-line electric operator

Cardale code: AZAR 2003


Operator identification:- Steel-line Unilift controller, Black or Red box,

Manufactured from 1987 to end 1992

Radio Frequency:- 418MHz

Security coding:- The key fob and receiver unit (located within the control box) are both fitted with 10 mini switches which can be randomly set to provide a personal code.

Note:- The switches must be reverse coded - e.g. switch in the key fob must be in the "open" position and the switch in the receiver must be in the "closed" position.


Handset identification:- The latest handset is of a different design to the original black handset but is fully compatible.

Supplied complete with a 23A battery.


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