Wurth Cutting Disc

Wurth diamond cutting disc

Wurth Cutting Disc

Cutting disc for concrete, brick or metal. For dry and wet cutting

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Wurth Cutting Disc

Cutting discs are designed for straight cutting. For dry and wet cutting.

Higher cutting speed – Fan segments for better dissipation of heat and removal of dust in comparison with conventional segments. For concrete, brick or metal.

  • Cutting discs become dull at excessively high speeds and wear too rapidly at insufficient circumferential speeds
  • If the ease of cutting decreases (indicated by heavy sparking), resharpen the disc in abrasive material, e.g. sandstone, with several cuts
  • Separate larger workpiece cross-sections in several sections (swing cut)
  • Work without pressure — the weight of the machine is sufficient. Increased pressure causes increased wear
  • Diamond cutting discs are designed for straight cutting. Cutting curves deforms the blade and results in core cracks and segment tear-offs — risk of injury!
  • Although the tool is safe, always wear protective goggles and clothing while working
  • Observe the information on the label (max. speed!), the restrictions of use and the safety instructions
  • The direction arrow on the disc must match the machine's direction of rotation
  • Must not be used for lateral grinding
  • Use the appropriate protective hood
  • Clamping must be performed only by a trained specialist (do not use force, use clean clamping flanges of the same size, perform a test run)
  • If grinding tools are clamped or used incorrectly or are damaged, they represent a danger and may cause serious injury
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