Handsets – Hormann

Hormann Handsets

Hormann have marketed a number of different garage door openers over the years and we have listed here the remote control handsets for Supramatic, Promatic/Ecomatic and Ecostar/Liftronic models.

There have been several changes to radio frequencies that are used for the remote controls on Supramatic, Promatic and earlier Ecomatic garage door openers which are summarised here. Unlike some manufacturers, Hormann have been very efficient in making the different frequencies of their handsets easily identifiable.

Supramatic Promatic/Ecomatic remote controls can be identified as follows:-

  • 26.995MHz have a grey case with vivid green buttons
  • 40.685MHz have a grey case with light grey buttons
  • 868.3MHz have a grey case with light blue buttons
  • 868.3MHz BiSecur have a black case with black buttons

Handsets for earlier Hormann openers are no longer available. If your particular handset cannot be found amongst the listings below, our Universal Receiver Kit offers an easy to fit economical upgrade to the latest mini keyfob handsets and technology.