Obsolete Items

Obsolete Items

Obsolete Garage Door Remotes, Spares, Parts & Replacements

The items listed are no longer available, however, we do offer compatible alternatives. Click below on the current  product  you have and you’ll either directed to the compatible replacement garage door remotegarage door handset, garage door transmitter or garage door keyfob to suit the necessary garage door opener.

If you need further assistance or advice on which compatible product you require for items that are obsolete and no longer available, please contact the technical team or call 01293 652 479.

Obsolete Garage Door Remotes & Handsets

SWS Seceuroglide
418MHz garage door remotes

SWS Seceuroglide
433MHz pre-2005 garage door remotes

Obsolete Garage Door Spares, Parts & Automation

Garador garage door eurolock single point body ass

Garador garage door eurolock two point body ass

Haskins garage door pivot pin camplate

Henderson Genie 800/880 deluxe srewdrive operator limit  switch—microswitch

Hormann garage door adjustable latch ass L/H

Hormann garage door adjustable latch ass R/H