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Cardale DC series garage door remotes, control handsets

The original red and black, one & two button, garage door keyfob handsets are not made any longer but have been replaced by a more stylish four button garage door handset that can operate up to four garage doors using any Cardale DC series garage door opener. Originally these red and black garage door remotes used the 418MHz radio frequency and the during mid 2000 a change was made to using the 433MHz frequency. Four years later in 2004 the 868MHz frequency was adopted and is still current today.

In 2005 the style of the 433MHz handset was changed to match the 868MHz models. Identification is straight forward because the operating frequency is printed on the back of each handset and also on the casing of the receiver on the motor unit. All three frequencies are incompatible with each other so correct identification is essential before ordering.

Providing you still have existing (working) garage door remotes, the unique code can be “cloned” from the existing garage door handset, of the same style and frequency, using the special programming cable and instructions supplied with the new garage door handset. Old style red and black 433MHz garage door remotes can have their code copied to the new style garage door remotes using a special programming cable available from our store.

Download a garage door handset programming guide below:

Old style 418 and 433MHz handsets (87kb)
New style 433 and 868MHz handsets (109Kb)

If you do not have existing (working) garage door remotes, the new garage door remotes must be coded to the garage door opener using the procedure printed in your Cardale DC series garage door opener handbook.

If you have lost your handbook, download another below:

DC550 (1.1mb)
DC650 (1.x8mb)
DC800 (1.9mb)

Please note: Other Cardale garage door remotes to suit Autoglide garage door openers, Thermaglide roller garage doors and Steel-line roller garage doors can be found in the Handsets section listed under their respective brand names, however, they are not compatible with Cardale DC series garage door openers.