LiftPro Universal Receiver Kit

LiftPro garage door receiver kit
LiftPro garage door receiver

LiftPro Universal Receiver Kit


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LiftPro Universal Receiver Kit

LiftPro 3 channel universal receiver kit 433.92MHz, memorize up to 500 remotes, easy to program. The unit is meant to draw power from the 24V outlet of the motor unit. Comes with 2 handsets, wires and double sided tape.

Does not come with power adaptor.

This LiftPro radio control sets provide a fast and easy solution to upgrading older garage door remote control handsets and receivers particularly when the original parts are no longer available and the only option seems to be a new opener.

The radio set comprises a 2x handsets, a three channel receiver, wires, and double sided tape.

Please note that this receiver kit will work with a wide range of makes and models which have the capability of having a wired bell push/push button.

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