Universal – Gear Sets

Gear Sets

Our range of universal spares and parts allows you to repair older garage door by using alternative suitable parts.

There are two principal uses for replacement garage door gear sets: –

  • For use on your own created Timber Garage Doors
  • Replacing the gear on an existing branded garage doors

“Traditional” Retractable Garage Door Gear – with jamb mounted springs and box section arms used mainly on heavier garage doors and where the opening width is not crucial.

“Traditional” fully retractable garage door gear sets suitable for doors between 6’8″ and 7’5″ high and any practical width. Lifting weights quoted are based on 7′ high doors – use the next weight up in border line cases. It is essential that an accurate weight is established before ordering, as “used” garage door gears cannot be returned.

Please enquire for short & high arm garage door gear sets. Available in five weight options.