Garage door lubricant – Pack of 15

Garage door lubricant

Garage door lubricant – Pack of 15

  • 400ml aerosol cans
  • For use on garage door mechanisms
  • 15 Pack


  • Description


Garage door lubricant – Pack of 15

A long life, EP (extreme pressure) lubricant ideal for use on garage door mechanisms. Supplied in 400ml aerosol cans complete with nozzle extension to reach even the most inaccessible place.

Arecal Door Lube, (formerly Sparesmaster Door Lube), is formulated as a component lubricant with moisture repellent qualities, unlike dewatering fluids, which are excellent at dispelling damp but lack particularly good lubricating qualities.

Also available in single 400ml aerosols.

We also sell WD40 Lubricant and Dewatering Fluid and 3 in 1 Oil aerosols.


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